What does?

Satisfied users, business at full capacity!

With EaseeDesk, it's easy to interact with your customers and measure their satisfaction for your support. The application records support requests, answers, and an automatic feedback form, so you'll have total insight and control over the needs of your customers. More easier for the user to send a tickets from everywhere. We know that is important for you, and for that we created easeedesk mobile application

  • Tickets
  • You receive requests for IT support in a simple ticketing system.

  • Feedback forms
  • Measures customer satisfaction with automatic feedback forms.

  • Android & iOS
  • Resolve tickets instantly and from any location, the app is available for mobile (Android & iOS).

  • Ticket history
  • Knowledge base containing ticket history and how to solve it.

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  • Test your EaseeDesk for 30 days

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More Benefits


  • Measures
  • User satisfaction level for IT support offered, and your staff's level of performance in solving problems using feedback forms.

  • Solution
  • Quickly and proactively, the most diverse support needs, based on the knowledge base, containing the history of the tickets, the way to solve it and the advanced user interaction history.

  • Enhance
  • You have an overview of the company's IT devices and you can detect substandard stations, then issue maintenance / upgrade recommendations.

  • Simple and secure
  • You have an intuitive, easy-to-use and 24/7 access interface from any location with the safest possible connection (Hurricane Electric).

  • Information
  • Reports and statistics about the company's IT system will help you make the best decisions for your business IT plan.

How Works

Predictability for the state of IT equipment

Identify and solve actively and effectively the situations encountered by users of workstations or local chat or ticketing equipment.

Efficiency of the support department activity by cataloging according to the importance of the situations encountered by the users of the stations or the equipment used.

Identify immediately the critical events that may or may have a direct impact on staff productivity or business stability.

Proactive information by creating alarms of active parameters directly influenced by the degree of use of work stations (temperature, free space available on stations, etc.).

Mobility - the possibility that tickets can be viewed and managed using Android or IPhone mobile devices