What does?

30% fewer IT interruptions, increased employee productivity!

Proactivities offer predictability on the good running of devices in the company. When employee activity is not interrupted by system interruptions, their productivity and business growth increases, while support costs decrease.

  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring and alert IT issues that may cause interruptions in the system.

  • Productivitee
  • 30% fewer employee interruptions - increased productivity.

  • Alerts
  • It signals bad stations in order to optimize them.

  • More control
  • IT Events Table with equipment status and with access and optimization capabilities.

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More Benefits


  • Reduce
  • Support costs and IT investments, increasing the life of the company's equipment.

  • Monitoring
  • All IT resources, who and for what purpose they use, and their status at that time.

  • Improve
  • IT equipment and the productivity of users who use them, reducing unintended activity interruptions and increasing the running speed of the applications they use.

  • Protect
  • Company IT equipment from possible security breaches by identifying unprotected workstations by antivirus or firewall.

How Works

Predictability for the state of IT equipment

Identify the non-functional components that may cause system interruptions or major downsides in optimal equipment operation.

Provides information on hardware and software optimization of workstations to increase employee / user productivity.

Support the efficiency and response time of the IT manager in the event of a proper failure before the event generates an event.

The cost of major physical interventions decreases substantially through proactive and continuous support provided by system monitoring

The Helpdesk costs are significantly reduced by reducing incidents that require support and time to identify the problem.