What does?

Pay less on the bill of electricity!

Will your employees leave the computers turned on after the end of the program? That means extra money from your pocket! Savenergee shows you what electricity consumers are and lets you control your company's energy consumption!

  • Status
  • Reduce your monthly electricity bill by 30%..

  • Control
  • Power consumption with Smart Hibernation, the function that stops devices left out of service hours..

  • Know more
  • You get accurate reports about your company's energy consumers.

  • Monitoring
  • Monitor the actual device usage times and know exactly how much money you save.

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More Benefits


  • Monitoring
  • The energy consumers in the company and the effective times of using the devices.

  • Knor
  • Power consumption, with Smart Hibernation, for devices consuming unnecessary current.

  • Save
  • 30% the cost of electricity

How Works

Pay less on the bill of electricity!

Save up to 30% of the costs you have on the monthly energy bill and actively participate in reducing pollutant emissions.

Endow and centrally manage the power settings of your equipment by applying simple and clear policies to limit power consumption.

Identify devices that consume unnecessary energy and limit their consumption in the network.

Save intelligently without affecting productivity at work by using workstation tracking solutions.