IT Management Platform

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IT Asset Management

Make better decisions, based on concrete information. You know exactly what you already have and you always have clear infrastructure information.

Increase employee productivity by identifying low costs for a minimum hardware upgrade.

Identify in real-time the users of the mobile equipment, the location of the equipment and possible hardware modifications on the equipment.

Ensure an efficient and modern inventory of equipment by applying QR codes to mobile units and fixed work stations or equipment.

Identifies the equipment and logistics of the equipment using QR code readers on Androis or IPhone.

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Software Asset Management

Controls software applications used and eliminates business risk for a strong and stable financial position

Eliminates the risk of unexpected audit visits, detecting early unauthorized or licensed applications in the network.

Lower licensing costs by identifying applications that are used less or no at all.

Keep you informed through an in-app inventory in real time: get complete details about the installed software and product versions, workstation and real-time.

Identify all software changes (authorized and unauthorized).

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Remote Monitoring and Management

Identify the non-functional components that may cause system interruptions or major downsides in optimal equipment operation.

Provides information on hardware and software optimization of workstations to increase employee / user productivity.

Support the efficiency and response time of the IT manager in the event of a proper failure before the event generates an event.

The cost of major physical interventions decreases substantially through proactive and continuous support provided by system monitoring

The Helpdesk costs are significantly reduced by reducing incidents that require support and time to identify the problem.

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Easee Desk

IT Service Management

Identify and solve actively and effectively the situations encountered by users of workstations or local chat or ticketing equipment.

Efficiency of the support department activity by cataloging according to the importance of the situations encountered by the users of the stations or the equipment used.

Identify immediately the critical events that may or may have a direct impact on staff productivity or business stability.

Proactive information by creating alarms of active parameters directly influenced by the degree of use of work stations (temperature, free space available on stations, etc.).

Mobility - the possibility that tickets can be viewed and managed using Android or IPhone mobile devices

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Application Management

OS & Application Management - Provides information about the installed operating system / office / email client / default browser / antivirus / firewall / antispyware / OS available updates

Performance Management - Provides processor information, processor load, installed and used memory, number of active applications, HDD size, and how much is used

TuneUp & Optimization - Offers information about the latest optimizations and boot-up time

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Task Management

Allows planning,



IT projects of medium and high complexity.

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