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System Health Protection and DLP

Blocks, monitors and secures data transfer on external devices.

Elimination of risk by blocking the transfer of data to external devices to users who do not trust.

Decreasing risks by carefully monitoring and exactly what users are copying on mobile devices.

Identifies suspicious copying and alerts under certain conditions the number of copied files, data volume, or the name of a specific file.

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Application and Productivity

You have a global view of the activity of all users.

Manage employee productivity based on what you think is important to the company

Identify actual facts by measuring the productivity level of your employees.

Increase productivity by providing employees with concrete and objective information about their performance at work.

Analyze the situation of each employee, thanks to real-time figures and graphs.

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Printing Activity management

Eliminate 20% of printing costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

Collecting real data by providing detailed reports about the print network activity of network users.

Cut costs by sharing this information with management. Employee involvement in cost-cutting strategy and awareness of actual printing costs..

Optimize printing equipment by analyzing the detailed information on the efficiency of each printing equipment

Cost control limiting print volume rights.

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Energy saving management

Save up to 30% of the costs you have on the monthly energy bill and actively participate in reducing pollutant emissions.

Endow and centrally manage the power settings of your equipment by applying simple and clear policies to limit power consumption.

Identify devices that consume unnecessary energy and limit their consumption in the network.

Save intelligently without affecting productivity at work by using workstation tracking solutions.

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Device protection and backup

Eliminates risks that may occur in the event of unforeseen events, protects investment and data from lost or stolen devices.

Delete sensitive data from the lost device remotely

Track and locate the position of the equipment on the map in real time.

Collect vital information about who uses the missing equipment: webcam and print-screen photos.

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