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The first platform that integrates 14 modules

for full-service management

Full set of modules that empowers your IT Service Delivery

Protect and grow client's businesses with Optimum Desk platform, a flexible set of 14 MSP solutions.

Optimum Desk guarantees a better customer satisfaction, better SLA, risk mitigation, higher service availability, improved efficiency, enhanced productivity and cost reduction.

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What are our solutions offering?

  • Manage, diagnose, secure and optimize the IT infrastructure automatically.
  • Predict and prevent system failures proactively.
  • Keep the track of the system components a company uses in order to get alerts of failure, defects or problems simultaneously or to take immediate remedial action to improve or update them.
  • Easier than ever hardware and software asset management.
  • Lower security risks and protect your business against threats
  • User and application complete control.
  • Get expert help faster from our AI based robot, Adam Intop
  • Get insights about device and user productivity
  • Prevent sensitive information from being stolen or lost
  • Monitor and control the printing for better security and reduce costs
  • Reduce your energy footprint by avoiding unnecessary consumption