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Data Loss Prevention & Privacy

Securitee DLP - Data Loss Prevention for MSPs & MSSPs.

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Prevents sensitive information from being compromised and applies the data management policies. It also blocks the end-users from sharing confidential data, secures and prevents them from being accessed by unauthorized access.


Detect and Identify

Monitors sensitive data, even handles threats as SSN or Credit-Card data, without reading their content, protects against theft attempts and prevents them from being compromised.


Control and Protect

Control sensitive data exchanges to prevent the leakages of vital information but also protects them against ransomware like CryptoLocker attacks.


Files and Transfers

Complete control over sensitive data to eliminate most of the risk vectors. It covers not only the USBs and email data transfers but also it protects: web, FTP, Cloud storage data leaks and others scenarios.

Extra Benefits

All the standard sensitive data management functions plus additional benefits

  • Versatile and easy to integrate.
  • Protects data while it is being used, in motion or at rest
  • Advanced antivirus and ransomware protection
  • Security audit to identify and prevent risks
  • Easy and complete user and endpoint permissions

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