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Remote Monitoring & Management

Opteemum Remote monitoring and management platform designed for IT efficiency and top performance.

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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) is proactively monitoring client endpoints, networks and computers in order to prevent potential risks or downtimes and automatically identifies malfunctioning hardware or software, offering you actionable insights in order to keep the system running properly.


View and Control

The good condition of the IT assets like computers, networks, mobile phones, servers, e-mail, applications components or other peripherals.


Access and Optimize

Access your IT assets in real-time remotely to increase security and productivity while maintaining lowered costs.


Speed and Continuity

Easy to work with this solution covers not only the hardware, but also the software and users, preventing any major damage or interruption of activity.

Removing Windows 10 bloatware using Opteemum module is as easy as clicking one button

Extra Benefits

All the standard RMM functions plus additional benefits:

  • Business continuity
  • Avoid security incidents and downtimes
  • Mass Patch Management

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