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Printing Monitoring

Printeeng Automatically discover and monitor all the printers in your network for their status and performance.

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This solution shows you exactly the name of the documents the users are printing, the printing frequency, the cost per page, and the date, from which printer and also limits the printing access for unauthorized users.


Generates and Optimizes

Useful reports about the quantity of printing in order to customize costs and reduce investments in equipment, paper and consumables


Simplifies and Analyse

The management of printers by providing statistics regarding the entire printing activity


Manage and Increase

All actions of printing from a single network and supervising everything from one platform. Increase document security in the company, preventing certain files to be printed.

Extra Benefits

All the standard Printeeng functions plus additional benefits:

  • Saves 35% monthly costs by monitoring and controlling the printing quantity
  • Save a cut tree with managed print
  • Reducing CO2 emissions with controlled printing

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