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A unique blend of Customer Interaction and Endpoint Management Software and Cloud Management Platform

User-friendly Interface

Through an user-friendly Interface, Optimum Desk app makes it easier than ever for the end user to create tickets, get support and real-time ticket or system status.

For MSPs, keeping in touch with the end users and getting ticket details is one click away, even through live chat. It builds a solid foundation that will create a strong connection between them and the clients, by providing innovative and reliable solutions.

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General benefits

  • Your organization and the end-users will achieve higher performance and productivity by getting better and faster support from the MSPs.
  • They permanently scan the health of the software systems and hardware, like hard drive, battery and computer fans and identify possible issues that may endanger their proper functioning.
  • Also, they check if your antivirus is running on your device and your personal information are secure, so no one is going to access them.

Plus additional benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Interaction
  • Live Chat Communication
  • Phone Call Support
  • Real-time Service Updates
  • Device Health Status and Resolve Request
  • Subscription and Device Management
  • Advanced Device Cleanup
  • Privacy Score and Setup
  • Security Score and Setup
  • Performance Score and Setup
  • Network Performance Audit and Recommendations
  • iOS and Android Apps for Remote Device Management

What is the input we bring to you and your clients?

  • Maximized work performance and productivity.
  • User personalized cognitive experience
  • Software and hardware assets easy management from one single cloud based platform.

Reliable, Accessible and Comprehensive Cloud based Platform

Everything accessible and controlled from one single, secure, complete and intuitive platform, that integrates all 14 modules in one.

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