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About UsWith OptimumDesk, the success of your MSP business is our main goal! We consider our job is to empower you with the right and complete set of tools to make you succeed.


We are OptimumDesk

A team with innovation in its blood, we made a successful story for every partner that trusted us. By transforming our ideas into actions, the results provided materializes in digital services, delivering unmatched experience for our partners and end-users.



Years of Experience






With over 20 years of experience and 200+ technicians, Optimum Desk simplifies the IT management for partners and their customers, offering competitive advantages.

Going through a massive evolution and perpetual changing where collaboration is the key, we believe in the necessity of technology to create a modern workplace. We have adapted and support agility in businesses through the power of technology, securing data and connections between parties.

Optimum Desk solutions connect and support employees work, without the location mattering, to increase productivity , engagement, and team collaboration.

Our Core Values

Optimum Desk encourages organizations to implement innovative service delivery practices and automate workflows for meaningful, measurable results, faster delivered.

During our activity of two decades, we have demonstrated we stayed focused on our partner’s needs and kept innovating tech environment to streamline every aspect of the industry.

When it comes to our principles, determination came on first, considering every company’s need and desire for a smarter approach of IT services.


We approach same old ideas in new ways, focusing on our main purpose of bringing excellence to our partners. We have innovated and revolutionized the IT industry by automating our software solutions, like introducing AI for faster results


Optimum Desk offers uninterrupted 24x7 service and support because we know how important it is to detect outages and situations that may lead to problems if not addressed promptly. It is clear that either you or your clients cannot afford downtimes, so problems get solved immediately


We strongly believe integrity is one of the most important thing sustainable, long-term, business growth and success. We have moral principles and always being honest when it comes to delivering the results


We encourage and share with our partners the vision that no IT problem is impossible to solve. Here at Optimum Desk, the Answer “We can’t do that” is always replaced with “How can we do that?” for our technicians who are always striving to find the right solution for each MSP and his client


Our team is characterized by the feeling of belonging to the company and the pleasure our employees are involved in solving problems or the enthusiasm they represent the company in relations with partners. We are determined in achieving organizational goals, proving a positive attitude


For Optimum Desk, leadership is an art. Guided by this value, our team performs assigned tasks willingly, efficiently and promptly. We believe this is what made our solutions so efficient and complete, and encouraged us to transform our ideas into feasible actions.


We are all about doing our job with passion, confidence and trustworthiness and moreover, our MSP community always trusted us we would get the work done with loyalty and engagement by offering a full set of modules that empowered their IT Service Delivery


By working as a team, we have fun, we help and trust each other and more than that, we boosted the productivity that we have had individually. We had the opportunity to create a bond, working hard and enthusiastically, communicating and collaborating in order to do our job faster, easier and more efficiently


Here at Optimum Desk, compassion and thoughtfulness is at the heart of what we do. Our team is ready to assist you with top-notch solutions anytime and take care of your needs. By understanding your situation and also the IT environment you attend, we took action to simplify and improve every aspect in your IT life

Why us?


We put ideas into feasible solutions to deliver unmatched support for the success of our clients


We increase the productivity of employees by creating, implementing and optimizing business solutions for your IT infrastructure


We offer uninterrupted 24x7 service and support for our partners and their clients


We promise to always improve, comply with our partner’s needs and be responsible to automate routine tasks for each


We detain the power and flexibility that offers significant improvements for every area of the enterprise


Our solutions are faster, simpler and easier to use from a flexible software platform that automates service delivery process

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