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Data Protection and Backup

Protectee MSPs today understand the growing threat of data breaches and the demand for backup solutions.

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Optimum Desk`s real-time data protection means more than just data backup and recovery, offering increased security and maximum uptimes as the volume and importance of your data grows exponentially together with your business.


Optimize and Protect

Reduce data protection related costs and business interruptions while your vital information is secured and restored in the shortest possible time with just few clicks.


Manage and Prevent

Real-time data back-up to highly secured media to be easily restored if your data are compromised, lost or destroyed.


Plan and Ensure

Schedule automatic data back-ups, take advantage of the flexible controls and ensure protection and data retention for each application.

Extra Benefits

All the standard data protection functions plus additional benefits:

  • You data backup and restore are one click away.
  • Backup is stored on the local environment.
  • Avoid the loss of business opportunities

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