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How is Optimum Desk?

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Optimum Desk is a suite of affordable, efficient and easy to install solutions with a strict security policy in managing and transferring information. In addition, Optimum Desk ensures that all information comes to customers through proper data management procedures, using the shortest possible routes in real time.

Our goal is to develop business solutions to ensure data protection and confidentiality, increase employee productivity, reduce costs, and manage IT infrastructure.

Optimum Desk is the complete solution for IT equipment management. The application provides 24/7 IT equipment and systems functionality by proactively identifying interruptions, maximizing the potential of Hardware and Software, and a fast and efficient ticketing system for IT support.

40% Average increase in turnover of Optimum Desk customers.

90% Troubleshooting in less than an hour.

99% Availability of IT Infrastructure.

50% Reduction of network interruptions.

5.7 years Average partnering time with Optimum Desk customers!

Partner Off

Optimum Desk is a part of StarTechTeam, based in San Francisco, U.S.A. We develop business-oriented, easy-to-implement, affordable, and cost-effective software solutions.

StarTech Team is an IT company with over 19 years experience in providing IT services to companies of any size. We offer complete IT services tailored to the needs of each business, or successfully collaborate with internal IT departments to support business objectives.