What does?

Increases your employees' actual work time!

Productivity is the tool that monitors the active working time of your employees, detailing the time spent in work applications.

  • Status
  • You increase employee productivity by knowing what is the active working time of your employees.

  • Control
  • You have accurate reports about the time spent in work applications and the idle time of your employees.

  • Know more
  • You know the most productive employees and those who perform less

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More Benefits


  • Monitoring
  • The effective working time of your employees and find out who performs and who does not.

  • Improve
  • Team productivity, knowing what decisions to take for productive and less productive employees

How Works

Increases your employees' actual work time!

With Productivity, everything is simple. It takes care of the servers to install, difficult network applications or complicated software to manage.

We offer you the easiest solution - one agent, on your workstation!

You have a global view of the activity of all users.

Manage employee productivity based on what you think is important to the company

Identify actual facts by measuring the productivity level of your employees.

Increase productivity by providing employees with concrete and objective information about their performance at work.

Analyze the situation of each employee, thanks to real-time figures and graphs.