What does?

You always know where your IT assets are!

With Protectee you always know where your IT devices are, who uses them, and whether they leave your location parameters. Learn about their back-up status, back-up that you can do with one click, if needed, and in case of theft, you can physically track your device.

  • Protect
  • Devices from your company knowing where they are and who uses them.

  • Control
  • You know how many devices have data backup and can work for devices without backups.

  • Know more
  • Find out immediately when a device leaves the location parameters set by you.

  • Following
  • You can physically track a stolen device because it will connect to any Wi-Fi network without the necessary user or password.

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More Benefits


  • Monitoring
  • The location of IT devices, knowing precisely who and where to use them and being alerted if a device exceeds the default location parameters.

  • Control
  • Privacy, deleting information from a stolen device.

  • Protect
  • Data security, back-up and synchronization, with one click.

  • Following
  • Stolen devices, as they will connect to any Wi-Fi network without requiring a user or login password.

How Works

Pay less on the bill of electricity!

Eliminates risks that may occur in the event of unforeseen events, protects investment and data from lost or stolen devices.

Delete sensitive data from the lost device remotely

Track and locate the position of the equipment on the map in real time.

Collect vital information about who uses the missing equipment: webcam and print-screen photos.