What does?

Control data traffic and prevent leakage from the company!

Secured is the tool that monitors the data transfer to external devices (who, what, and how you transferred data), you know the security status of your devices, and protect you from the ransom type attacks (data theft and restitution against -cost).

  • Status
  • You know the antivirus protection status of the workstations, as well as the IT attacks.

  • Control
  • Restrict and restrict data transfer from the company and prevent leakage.

  • Who, What and When
  • You know exactly who, what and when transferring information, and the destination of the transfer.

  • Save
  • Over 90% of attacked data in the case of a ransom virus.

securitee-platform 30 day free

Free Trail

30 Free days

Request Demo for free and convince yourself of the benefits of securitee!

Test securitee free for 30 days and find out what return you bring to the company!

  • 30 Days free
  • Test your securitee for 30 days

  • See results
  • Measure the benefits you brought to the company with our solution

  • Partnership
  • Get services for a long-term partnership

More Benefits


  • Monitoring
  • If workstations are protected by antivirus and firewall, IT security status (current attacks, blocked, deleted, quarantined etc.) and what transfers your employees to external (via USB, FTP, E-Mail).

  • Prevent
  • Data leakage outside the company by document security, limitation and restriction of transfers, and data loss in the case of a swindle-type computer attack.

How Works

Task Management

With Securitee everything is simple. It takes care of the servers to install, difficult network applications or complicated software to manage.

We offer you the easiest solution - one agent, on your workstation!

Fast and easy - The application has less than 1Mb, the installation time on the station being 7 seconds, or 30 seconds for the entire network.

Security and Availability at Banking Level - The application is hosted by Hurricane Electric California at the highest security standards. Your information will be stored and transferred securely, and availability will be 24/7.

Full Management - Location is no longer an impediment, you control support from anywhere.

Absolute Mobility - Phone or tablet, as you prefer, the application interface is optimized for any mobile device.

Configuration power - Anything can be configured in Securitee. Personalize your menus, dashboard and reports to suit your needs.