What does?

Good software running in the company!

Softsee is the solution for managing your company's licenses and software packages. You know what apps are installed, uninstalled, not updated, who, and how it is used. Prevent unnecessary costs with licenses, installation of unwanted software and you know who are unproductive users.

  • Monitor and Manage
  • All licenses and software packages in the company.

  • Know how many
  • Applications run on the network and how often users use it.

  • Daily updates
  • Of applications without interrupting user activity.

  • Know everything
  • You know when an application is installed, uninstalled, updated or installed without permission..

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More Benefits


Softsee is part of Optimum Desk's IT Management Solutions suite, developed by StarTechTeam Inc., based in San Francisco, United States.

Our solutions are scalable to the most diverse needs and integrate easily into all types of companies, from start-ups to multinationals.

We do not only develop applications, but we offer full business solutions according to the following attributes:

  • Easy to implement
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Cost effective

How Works

Good software running in the company!

With Softsee everything is simple. It takes care of the servers to install, difficult network applications or complicated software to manage.

Controls software applications used and eliminates business risk for a strong and stable financial position

Eliminates the risk of unexpected audit visits, detecting early unauthorized or licensed applications in the network.

Lower licensing costs by identifying applications that are used less or no at all.

Keep you informed through an in-app inventory in real time: get complete details about the installed software and product versions, workstation and real-time.

Identify all software changes (authorized and unauthorized).